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Bonanza Ukuleles
A motherload of sound in every uke

Just a couple of fun loving kids embracing the ukulele. Bonanza started in 2015 building ukuleles out of Wilsonart countertop laminate. In the middle of this picture is my wife Shelley Mai , flanked by two of my early testors and mentors. Pete McCarty (Petey Mac) and David Remiger ( Ukester Brown).


             UWC 2016

Surprisingly the laminate  has a very good tone and resonance as well as sustain. Early models were a little heavy and light on the volume. Thanks to the input from Pete & David we addressed the issue and improved on  the product. 
In 2016 we started building all wood ukuleles as well. One wood I used was Quaking Aspen, a local wood. Aspen has quite a lot of volume and lends itself to being laser etched. We also build with Black walnut and Cherry. Lately we have been doing a combination of Aspen soundboard and either Walnut or Cherry for the body.  It gives the volume from the Aspen and the sweetness of the other wood.