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Bonanza Ukuleles
A motherload of sound in every uke

Just a couple of fun loving kids embracing the ukulele. Bonanza started in 2015 building ukuleles out of Wilsonart countertop laminate. In the middle of this picture is my wife Shelley Mai , flanked by two of my early testors and mentors. Pete McCarty (Petey Mac) and David Remiger ( Ukester Brown).

UWC 2016

Surprisingly the laminate has a very good tone and resonance as well as sustain. Early models were a little heavy and light on the volume. Thanks to the input from Pete & David we addressed the issue and improved on the product.
In 2016 we started building all wood ukuleles as well. One wood I used was Quaking Aspen, a local wood. Aspen has quite a lot of volume and lends itself to being laser etched. We also build with Black walnut and Cherry. Lately we have been doing a combination of Aspen soundboard and either Walnut or Cherry for the body. It gives the volume from the Aspen and the sweetness of the other wood.

The definition of a bonanza is a big mineral deposit, an abundance of something desirable or a situation where there is a sudden increase in something desirable.
In 2015 my wife requested an amp to use with her ukulele. Being a woodworker I decided to make it in the shape of a uke, complete with a neck and strings, using remnant countertop material. Then the Bonanza struck. Shelley strummed the strings and it sounded great. I built several more to test the concept. This was followed up by sending them out to people who could play. REALLY PLAY. Their feedback helped us refine the product. Shortly thereafter the name Bonanza was applied.