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Homestead Homestead

Bonanza Homestead Ukulele : A no frills instrument.

Same great sound, just no decoration. Taking the best elements from our prior styles and eliminating options like engraving and sound hole rosettes, the Homestead series is a great option for those players wanting the great sound of a Bonanza.

Our Price: $449.00
Oreo Ukulele Oreo Ukulele

Bonanza Oreo Ukulele: A Unique Instrument with a Great Sound

Are you on the lookout for a ukulele that combines unique looks and great sound? Look no further than the Bonanza Oreo ukulele. With its three layers, thinline design, and exceptional craftsmanship, this instrument offers an unmatched playing experience.
Whether you're a professional musician or a beginner, this instrument is sure to inspire and elevate your music.

Our Price: $549.00
Millenium Millenium

Bonanza Millenium Series
A stripe running through the middle, combined with an integrated neck, makes the Millenium a striking instrument.
Our Millenium series combines an integrated neck and Falcate curved bracing to create an instrument with amazing sustain and resonence. The neck and body are crafted from one panel allowing the vibrations to continue up the neck.
Combine it with a Misi pickup and you have an instument that makes a big impression on and off stage.
According to players that use them, the thinline body eliminates the feedback issues if you are using pedals.

Our Price: $699.00