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Pickups allow you to amplify your playing. They are available as passive or with a built in pre-amp.
Bonanza offers a passive for our bonanzaleles and one with a pre-amp, which is the MiSi.

Misi AcousticTrio Ukulele System.

This very innovative uke pickup system incorporates a Baggs "Element" undersaddle pickup element
with the Mi-Si "Simple Jack" battery-free active preamp /endpin jack. The unique aspect of the preamp
is that you power it up with the special Mi-Si charger which connects to a standard AC outlet (120/220 V)
straight to the output jack. 60-seconds later (yes, just 1-minute) the preamp is fully charged for an
effective playing time of 8 hours!! No more batteries. This system works on most straight saddle ukuleles.
Professional installation highly recommended. Charger is included.

Acoustic Trio Uke

Simple Jack & power charger with L.R. Baggs ukulele pickup

The Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Uke system features an active, battery-free preamp designed specifically to work
with the L.R. Baggs ukulele pickup.

The preamp for this system uses Mi-Si’s custom piezo linearization scheme – allowing for the most truthful
and accurate sound from the pickup.

All you have to do is power up for 60 seconds using the Mi-Si Power Charger, providing you with up to
16 hours of performance time