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The Millenium Series

The Millenium series is based on my #1000 ukulele build. It incorporates an integrated neck, as well as a striking center stripe. The integrated neck allows for greater vibration up and down the neck and body, increasing resonance.

The Millenium incorporates Valcate bracing for better vibrating qualities on the top.
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Tenor Oreo Cutaway Tenor Oreo Cutaway

Number 1045
Style Oreo
Size Tenor
Body shape Cut away
#Strings 4
Base wood Cherry / Aspen
Tuners Geared
Fret markers Shooting Stars

Our Price: $549.00
Millenium Millenium

Bonanza Millenium Series
A stripe running through the middle, combined with an integrated neck, makes the Millenium a striking instrument.
Our Millenium series combines an integrated neck and Falcate curved bracing to create an instrument with amazing sustain and resonence. The neck and body are crafted from one panel allowing the vibrations to continue up the neck.
Combine it with a Misi pickup and you have an instument that makes a big impression on and off stage.
According to players that use them, the thinline body eliminates the feedback issues if you are using pedals.

Our Price: $699.00
Baritone Millenium #1027 Baritone Millenium #1027

Primary wood : Aspen
Stripe wood : Black walnut
Baritone Scale
Millenium series
Fleurocarbon DGBE
Case and Misi pickup available

Our Price: $699.00
Millenium Tenor  w/ cutaway Millenium Tenor w/ cutaway

Number 1038
Style Millennium
Size Tenor
Body shape Cut away
#Strings 4
Base wood Walnut, Aspen
Tuners Geared
Fret markers Piano Keys
Tuning High G
Strings Clear  fluorocarbon

Our Price: $699.00